We provide ADVICE
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it
Now Support.
We provide REMEDY
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it Now Support.
We provide COVERAGE
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it Now Support.
We provide SAFETY
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it Now Support.
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it
Now Support.
We provide STABILITY
for your business.
We don't call it IT Support - we call it Now Support.

Stratum Now provides technical expertise to some of the world’s largest companies

Logos of companies we work with: Tiger Turf, St Ives PLC, Royal British Legion, Service Graphics, Carpet & Flooring, TenCate
Logos of companies we work with: ASDA, Royal Mail, WaterAid, Unviersity of Gloucester, Birmingham City University, HSBC
Small logos of the companies we work with: Lazylawn, Trueleads, Dell Technologies, OPM, NHS, Christian Louboutin (yes, really)

What can we help you with?

Businesses today face many technology challenges. Some of these challenge growth, whereas others pose a threat to stability. We’ve worked with many businesses across the UK to help them overcome their obstacles, smooth the way for growth and success, and remove the bumps in the road. See our portfolio to the right for a small selection of our happy customers.

Support & Advice

It can be difficult to find out how to advance your business when technology is holding you back. Stratum Now can provide you with free impartial advice on how we help our customers tackle their challenges, and we can craft your unique symphony of solutions that will make your business truly perform.

A woman holding a laptop, and a man pointing at it, trying to explain something to her, but probably not doing a great job of it.

IT Support

Concentrate on your business, not the technology! Outsource your IT support function to a dedicated team in Birmingham, and watch your productivity soar.

A man sat in a chair at a desk, looking at an incredibly large computer monitor, displaying something complicated.

Strategy Advice

What are you missing out on? You don’t know yet, but you could. Get the answers from us that you need to help your business grow from qualified, experienced consultants.

Two men looking slightly confused, or worried, at a computer monitor. We can only see the back of the monitor, and the expression of the men, and it doesn't look good.

Security Assistance

There’s always room for improvement. Continuous monitoring and testing of your perimeters and systems enables speedy recovery from disasters.

Born in Birmingham, Servicing Worldwide

We’re proud of our roots. To date, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses in and around the UK and Europe to help them simplify their Information Technology, address a burning issue, or prepare for the future.

From single-employee businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we’re honoured to have worked with a wide range of verticals to help them get the most from technology.

Latest IT Tips & Tricks

Read more at our Tips Blog or subscribe to our tips & tricks feed for regular information on how you can grow your business.


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Industries We Serve

From estate agents to hospitality, from manufacturing to insurance and legal,

we have years of experience providing IT solutions across many sectors, including:

Tourism and Hospitality

Using cutting-edge wireless networks from leading vendors such as Xirrus, Ruckus, Ubiquiti and Datto, we give your trusted clientele a first-class connectivity service, to keep them coming back to you.

Events & Entertainment

We keep your staff mobile and connected. With productivity solutions from Microsoft, your staff will never miss an opportunity. Give your team continuous access to everything that’s important.

Insurance & Administration

File, sort and archive, effortlessly. Transform your office from paper to productivity. Document management solutions help you and your team find required information within seconds.

Financial Services

We help you to achieve HIPAA and MIFID II compliance with call recording, case management and data archiving solutions, and industry-leading solutions for security and encryption.

Property Sales & Letting

Streamlining operations, we create workflows that both promote and enable your business. We work with Rightmove, Zoopla, and other enablers such as Jupix and LetMC.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Users with AutoCAD, large-format printers and embedded systems can all be connected together safely and securely. Information flows where it needs to. Impress and retain customers.

Tomorrow, you'll wish you'd have called us yesterday.

Many of our clients tell us that they wish they'd have contacted us sooner.

Book your free consultation session to see how we can help you improve how you use technology.