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As technology development continues apace, Stratum Now can help you keep abreast of the latest movements through consultancy.

Stratum Now provides best advice on developments and offer direction on cutting edge IT strategy, matching the right technology to your business needs. This means manageable total cost of ownership and the swiftest return on investment possible.

We can help you navigate through project management and builds to crisis management as well as site planning, audits and surveys. Contact us today to start your journey to efficient, modern, cost-effective Information Technology.

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Stratum Now can help you navigate through project management and builds to crisis management as well as site planning, audits and surveys. Contact us today to start your journey to efficient, modern, cost-effective Information Technology.

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Daniel Dainty


Originally working with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust in 2008, Daniel has been providing consultancy to organisations large and small and always works in a goal-oriented fashion.

Technology is in Daniel’s blood; his home has more WiFi-connected devices than most small businesses. He likes to explore and discover new ways of working, but also likes to break things and learn the best way to repair them.

Daniel likes to analyse situations and find not just the easy ways out of problems. Straight roads don’t make skilled drivers, after all!

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys rum, barbecuing, reading books on behavioural economics, and the occasional soak in a hot tub.

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Modern businesses rely on their technology. When the systems break, the business feels the pain. We can help you find out where the weaknesses are, be they in the technology or in the personnel, and draft out a plan to address them.

Stability in a business can bring disrepute amongst clients and suppliers, and can affect more than just productivity. A solid foundation with tried & tested disaster recovery policies is the lynchpin of a strong and successful IT strategy.

Stratum Now can help to discover any weaknesses in your strategy and draw on our breadth of experience to show you what you’re missing out on.

IT often gets a bad reputation for being expensive, yet it doesn’t have to be. Easy methods such as shifting IT costs from capex to opex, for example, is a strategy that works for some, but not all, businesses. And with most suppliers switching to subscription models, finding the best way of carrying the monthly recurring cost of licensing has become the new challenge for most businesses.

We help businesses to understand and realise their expenditure as well as reduce it. Things such as purchasing new computers and laptops every few years can be explained as a necessary cost to keep things running smoothly, just like the director changes their car when the lease is up — they do this not just because they want the newest model, but because they want to benefit from the latest in performance advantages and security enhancements.

This is an exciting and daunting time for all entrepreneurs! Stratum Now has helped many businesses get off the ground, including photographers, wedding planners, spa & massage salons, and more.

At a time when you need to keep costs as low as possible to ensure the viability of your venture, we can draw on our own experience of starting up with minimal overheads (many people call this “bootstrapping”) including use of free software suites, or utilising educational/charity pricing discounts.

Let us help you get started without the burden of signing up to many expensive products and services. Chances are, as part of assisting the start-up journeys for many clients, we can share our experiences with you!

Putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t always risky. Many businesses have multiple departments looking after different things, and when something breaks, you don’t want to have to break out the phone book and wait in a queue to find out you need to dial a diffrent number.

Stratum Now can help you to streamline operations, centralise management, and reduce expenditure of effort — in turn, you can expect happier employees, reduced fault resolution times, a more coherent IT strategy, and better delivery of services. Everyone’s a winner.

If you ask ten different consultants, you will (hopefully) get ten different right answers to your questtion. However, every consultant has their own experience set, and this can sometimes narrow the answers they can give to a question.

And nobody wants to be bombarded with possible right answers, they just want the one that’s right for their business. We’ve helped many businesses analyse the performance and response from their incumbent IT supplier and, usually, we can prove that they are getting good value for money. We can also usually offer room for improvement due to our breadth of experience and it’s this advantage that allows us to make a marked difference amongst our customers.

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Logos of companies we work with: Tiger Turf, St Ives PLC, Royal British Legion, Service Graphics, Carpet & Flooring, TenCate

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