Up to £2,500 rebate on your next gigabit Internet connection

Time is running out for customers to benefit from the UK-wide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme!

The scheme offers a Government voucher of £2,500 to go towards the installation of a Gigabit-capable Ethernet circuit. The costs that can be covered by the voucher include Ethernet connection, router hardware (up to £250) and Excess Construction Charges.

Spitfire have a range of pre-approved packages on 12 and 36 month contracts – with the latter including a discount of up to £51.38 for the minimum term of the contract.
The requirements to qualify for the scheme include being a company of less than 250 employees with an annual turnover of less than €50 million euros. The new connection must be at least 100Mb and provide a “step change” in business grade performance, meaning the scheme is open to those on existing broadband, FTTC Ethernet or EFM circuits. On top of this, the connection must be 1Gb capable, although there is still the choice of installing either a 100Mb or 1Gb bearer circuit.

Contact Stratum Now today to discuss how you could benefit from the scheme. Once the money for the scheme has run out – no more vouchers will be allocated!

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