No Compromise on Call Quality

When installing or upgrading your Internet connection, why not take advantage of cheaper, smarter telephony – by choosing a Voice Approved Circuit that provides full support for Voice over IP (VoIP), including Spitfire SIP trunks and our award winning SIP Communicator hosted telephone system.

We have a wide range of Voice Approved Circuits backed by SLAs that promise premium voice quality performance – whether you are looking for a standalone ISDN replacement, or looking to consolidate your voice and data services with a fully converged circuit.

When moving your office to VoIP and SIP don’t compromise on call quality or run the risk of call drops or intermittent/one-way audio.

Contact us and let us help you find the right voice approved circuit for your business requirements and budget.

The gold standard of internet connectivity

With dedicated data speeds ranging from 10Mb through to 10Gb, ultra-low latency and high uptime availability, Fibre Ethernet is the best high speed leased line Internet circuit available.

  • Symmetric upload and download
  • 5 hour fix target SLA
  • 100% target uptime backed by service credits
  • Scalable speeds up to 10Gb
  • 24/7 Support

EFM Ethernet – From £105 per month

EFM or Copper Ethernet is the leased-line replacement service that brings superior-performance internet connectivity to your office – while potentially saving you thousands of pounds against your existing connection.

  • Free of charge connection offer
  • Delivery time from 20-30 working days
  • Uses existing copper infrastructure – headache free installation
  • 99.95% target uptime backed up by service credits
  • Industry leading 7 hour target fix time
  • Performance SLAs promising extremely low packet loss, jitter and delay
  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth
  • Fixed IP address allocation as standard
  • 10% ‘headroom’ built in on all installations so you get the full bandwidth you order

FTTC Ethernet – now only £99 per month

Ethernet Leased Lines have long been the Internet connection of choice for big-budget businesses. Now, FTTC Ethernet from Spitfire makes Ethernet affordable for almost any office. Using FTTC technology to access the Spitfire Ethernet network, FTTC Ethernet is perfect for both voice and data communications – and comes with the backing of performance SLAs that assure you a stunning service.

  • Great-value fixed price; up to 20Mb up/download speed for only £99 per month
  • Fast installation (within 13 days)
  • Final loop delivered by single copper pair
  • Auto fail-over to broadband backup option
  • Uncontended bandwidth on business-only network
  • Unlimited support from expert UK-based team

SDSL M Business Broadband – From £27.50 pcm

Business-class broadband with approved voice SLAs – 2Mb/2Mb SDSLM provides fully uncontended and symmetric data broadband services. A business-quality service, Spitfire’s SDSLM is ideal for any small business running time-sensitive applications. With the same upload and download speeds and none of the contention you get on all other broadband services (including fibre broadband), this is the product of choice when using with Voice over IP.

DualStream® SF – From £99 per month

Bringing you the benefits of Fibre Ethernet at a fraction of the cost, Spitfire’s DualStream® SF service combines a VDSL fibre broadband circuit with a secondary SDSLM circuit to deliver a supremely stable connection. You’ll enjoy super-fast data (fibre broadband) and assured quality for voice (SDSL circuit) – allowing your office to run up to 15 simultaneous SIP phone calls whilst reaching data download speeds of up to 80Mb. With the circuits providing auto back-up for each other, it’s a service that will never let you down.

Who would use it and why?

  • Modern businesses using cloud for voice and data
  • Offices with 5-15 people reliant on an Internet connection

Our Wholesale Connectivity Providers

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There is no “buy it now” button when it comes to business connectivity; we want to make sure that you have the right product for your geographic location and your business requirements. Please get in touch with Stratum Now’s dedicated partner account manager for connectivity who will be happy to discuss all available options.

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Partner Account Manager

Spitfire Network Services

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