Which broadband product is right for you?

Fibre Broadband (VStream®)

Super-fast fibre broadband Internet connectivity. This is the business broadband circuit of choice when available at your location. Providing unrivalled speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload. Significantly reduce your download times and run more bandwidth hungry applications.

Who would use it and why?

  • Businesses running bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Businesses on a tight budget

ADSL 2+ Business Broadband – From £15 per month

Fast (up to 24Mb download), reliable, UK-wide business broadband with BT bearer phone line just £10 per month. Our ADSL 2+ also provides you with the option of a back-up circuit via an alternative wholesale access network in to a different node of the Spitfire resilient core network ring.

Who would use it and why?

  • Businesses outside the 21cn network coverage that cannot get VStream
  • Ideal for use as a low-cost back-up circuit

ADSL Annex M – From £49 per month

Annex M offers upstream speeds up to twice as fast as ADSL2+ broadband (up to 2.5Mb), plus fast downloads of up to 16Mb. Depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy SLA backed performance targets on data packet loss and delays for full peace of mind when you’re sending time-critical data. Ideal for companies requiring higher upstream speeds than ADSL 2+

Who would use it and why?

  • Businesses that upload more data than usual
  • Migrations of data to the cloud e.g. for backup

SDSL M Business Broadband – From £27.50 pcm

Business-class broadband with approved voice SLAs – 2Mb/2Mb SDSLM provides fully uncontended and symmetric data broadband services. A business-quality service, Spitfire’s SDSLM is ideal for any small business running time-sensitive applications. With the same upload and download speeds and none of the contention you get on all other broadband services (including fibre broadband), this is the product of choice when using with Voice over IP.

Free of charge on Premium Circuits

For ultimate resilience, DSL back-up circuits are available on a different access network to your primary circuit. And, as many of these circuits are configured to back up your connection automatically (auto fail-over), you won’t even notice a disruption in service.

Who would use it and why?

  • Businesses that are heavily reliant on having a working Internet connection
  • Businesses that use a cloud-based business application

DualStream® SF – From £99 per month

Bringing you the benefits of Fibre Ethernet at a fraction of the cost, Spitfire’s DualStream® SF service combines a VDSL fibre broadband circuit with a secondary SDSLM circuit to deliver a supremely stable connection. You’ll enjoy super-fast data (fibre broadband) and assured quality for voice (SDSL circuit) – allowing your office to run up to 15 simultaneous SIP phone calls whilst reaching data download speeds of up to 80Mb. With the circuits providing auto back-up for each other, it’s a service that will never let you down.

Who would use it and why?

  • Modern businesses using cloud for voice and data
  • Offices with 5-15 people reliant on an Internet connection

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