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Ethernet & Leased Line

Speeds from 2Mb to 10Gb, get the very best connection for your business.

Business Broadband

Fibre broadband for fast speeds & great value with UK-based technical support.

Voice-Approved Circuits

No compromise on call quality – upgrade your ISDN to SIP the right way

Don't compromise on what keeps you moving

Modern businesses depend on their Internet connection. Most businesses cannot function without one. In recognition of the growing importance of good value, trustworthy connectivity, Stratum Now have partnered with some of the UK’s best connectivity providers to ensure that you get a strong and stable Internet connection to help you continue to grow your business.

From simple and straightforward ADSL business broadband to lightning-fast fibre Ethernet circuits, you’ll find award-winning services in this section, backed by exceptional UK-based support teams, dedicated to keeping your connection running at full tilt – and your office at maximum productivity.

If you know what you’re looking for, click on any option to find the perfect package for your business. If you don’t, just give us a call and one of our experts will gladly guide you towards the right business internet solution for you.

We’ve helped businesses far and wide choose and implement their connectivity. We help design networks both inside and outside of the perimeter, so if your connectivity requirements are part of a larger project, we’d be happy to help provide a complete connectivity solution.

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