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Business on the go

Small businesses like yours are always on the move, away from their offices, homes, desks, and computers. Emails, invoicing, sales and banking can all be done from the device they have in their hand.

Our website builder has been built to be completely mobile first to ensure it fits into the busy lives of every small business.

No time for complexity

Easy-to-use solutions like social media have created an expectation of simplicity for time-poor small businesses.

They don’t have time to read manuals or big budgets to hire an expert team; they need immediate results for their business – from simple setup, to a professional website within minutes.

Everything in one place

Small businesses want more out of their relationships with service providers. They want everything in one place without multiple logins or bills.

To be successful online they need more than just social media; they need a website, domain and professional email address – all in one place.

A complete solution

It’s easy to get started and see results with BaseKit SiteBuilder. We will help you to:

Domain & email

Your business needs a unique domain name and email address to look professional, build credibility for your brand and help their customers find you online.

Online store

Give your small business the power to sell anything, anywhere. Setting up a store, adding products, tracking orders and updating stock can all be done from your mobile phone.


Our global website builder is used across 5 continents. It’s also available in over 29 languages and our built-in ecommerce platform has over 15 payment gateway options covering all major markets.


Our library of pre-formed ‘sections’ cover a huge range of content layout possibilities that look great on every screen. Each section can be styled individually or the whole site can be restyled in a single click, choosing from a range of styles that have been handpicked to match local design preferences and traditions.

Kathryn Watts

I wanted to quickly modernise my website but didn't know where to start. Using Sitebuilder from Stratum Now I started the process and in a matter of minutes could see my new website taking shape. Technical support is quick, and site loading is fast. Quick and easy to use, I enjoyed the experience of creating my own website, secure in the knowledge that Stratum Now are there to help when I need them!

Kathryn Watts

Founder, evopr.com

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Frequently-Asked Questions

No, we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and other technologies to keep response times short for any size of site.

There is no fixed limit to how many items can be added to a store. Most SMEs don’t get beyond a few dozen but we’ve seen stores with a 1000+ items that work fine.

5 Stock images are included and it’s very rare that a SME will use all of these. If a customer wants more then we can add more to the account at no extra charge.

POP3 and IMAP are supported. We use OpenSRS and more details can be found here: https://opensrs.com/services/hosted-email/

We can upgrade these mailboxes to full Office 365 mailboxes if you’d like this.

The websites are hosted on Azure in a UK datacentre. There are no practical limitations imposed by this technology.

The technology belongs to Basekit and has been developed over 10 years of working with major telecommunications companies and hosting industry partners

Each IMAP/POP3 mailbox account comes with up to 5GB storage. If you require more, we can convert this to a 50GB mailbox on Office 365 at a later date.

There’s no mechanism for exporting a website. You can certainly extract the HTML using freely available tools but there’s little practical value in doing that for a typical small site.

If you buy a domain from us and want to transfer it at a later date, we’ll be happy to help. We are bound by the same ICANN rules as all other domains sellers with respect to domain names and ownership.

There are no royalties payable for any content we provide

You can map any domain name you own to a Go Sitebuilder website.

There is no upper limit on pages. Most SME sites are 5 or less pages but we have clients with sites as large as 300 pages.

Yes, SSL is included. Provisioning is automatic but needs manual activation from Settings > Security.

No, we don’t support user registration for the store.

Yes, you can upload a CSV file of products.

The store supports discount codes which can be applied to a basket of products to reduce the cost.

When you add pages you can optionally create a single level of page hierachy. So, for example, you can create a folder called ‘products’ and add any number of pages into the folder. They will display as a drop down menu on the published site.

We only provision 1 domain per customer, but if a customer wants to purchase domains elsewhere and point multiple domains at the site, that will work fine

No. It’s a cloud product and just like Instagram or Gmail it only has a single current state