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Stratum Now supports Parity – Stratum Now – Outsourced IT Solutions and Support in Birmingham, London, Nationwide

Stratum Now supports Parity

Stratum Now is proud to announce that it has recently partnered with Parity to accept payment of invoices via the new Birmingham-centric local currency.

Parity is a zero-interest credit facility in an alternative currency called PRX. The currency is always equal in value to GBP, but you can only spend it with local vendors in the network. Parity boosts liquidity of its users and facilitates new trade opportunities in your local business community.

Partnering with Parity, Stratum Now is helping to support businesses in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter area by opening up an interest-free credit line with them. Dealing in Parity helps you to minimise cash out to local suppliers, purchase new tools or services without spending cash, and treat your team to local perks without footing the bill in pounds.

Stratum Now has also released a unique line of Parity-specific support service pricing, allowing Parity customers to choose at a glance their preferred level of IT support, as well as opening up a choice of additional free or low-value services such as consultancy and training. Parity can also be used to pay for Office 365 packages, domain names, and website hosting.

Stratum Now listing on the Parity marketplace
Stratum Now listing on the Parity marketplace

Daniel Dainty, founder of Stratum Now, said “local, small businesses are the lifeblood of every community and we want to do all we can to make sure that Birmingham’s businesses in the Jewellery Quarter have access to professional IT services with the best possible terms. Partnering with Parity was a simple decision and we’ve found that dealing with other Parity partners has been effortless and a joy.”

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